Education Requirements To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

Being a Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) is a rewarding career for many. If you enjoy the medical field and working with people, a CNA may be the right field for you. If you haven’t researched what is involved in the educational process of becoming a CNA, keep reading to get a list of educational requirements. Some states may have different requirements but this will give you the basic idea of what you will need to get your certificate.

Before you begin any classes for the Certified Nurse’s Assistant program, most CNA programs require that you have either completed high school or have completed your GED. Other programs do not require this.

Typically, the schools that don’t require a high school diploma or GED will want to make sure you are capable of basic math, speaking and good communications skills, reading and writing. Depending on the school, you may be asked to take the TABE test, Test of Adult Basic Education.

Training to Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

The training for a CNA certificate will vary state-to-state. To find out specific requirements for your state, you will have to do an individualized check for your state; however, the basic training expectations that you’ll need to complete and pass for your CNA certification are:

  • Pass a written competency test
  • Complete and pass a state-approved CNA training program which will involve 75-150 hours of classroom and practical training sessions
  • Learn medical terminology, each body system and patient care techniques
  • Learn and be able to provide nursing assistant responsibilities
  • Complete and pass a nursing arts course; for example, Nursing 101 or Basics in Nursing
  • Pass a personal, physical exam. This typically includes a tuberculosis test among other physical exam requirements
  • Pass a criminal background check

Once you have completed your CNA training classes, you may be required to complete 75 hours of state-approved training before being employed by a federal government regulated nursing care facility.