Different Types of Nursing Careers

If you were to ask the average person what are some different positions held within the nursing field, common answers would likely include RN’s, LVN’s and CNA’s. Those are a few of the most commonly known nursing positions but upon looking deeper into the field you find that there are also many more.

Types of Nursing Careers

The first position I will mention is a Nurse Anesthetist. Nurse Anesthetists are some of the highest paid in the Nursing industry. They administer and also maintain anesthesia medications. RN’s with Master’s Degrees in Nursing can complete a one year residency and then apply for certification.

Another very high paying career within nursing is the Nurse Attorney field. Nurse Attorneys are Nurse’s that have gone back to school to become attorneys after they have practiced as nurses. They work in a wide variety of settings and are highly in demand. Nurse Researcher’s are similarly paid and they work to improve medical and healthcare services. RN’s with Doctorates or Masters degrees are preferred when it comes to hiring for the position.

The three positions I will detail next are all very close in their exact median salary range. They are: Nursing Informatics Analysts, Pediatric Endocrinology Nurses and Perianesthesia Nurses. Nursing Informatics Analysts provide healthcare information to other nurses, patients, doctors and also other healthcare providers. The applicant must have a Bachelor’s of Nursing degree at minimum to be eligible for certification in this field. Pediatric Endocrinology Nurses help babies and older children who are suffering from diseases and disorders relating to the human endocrine system. An RN license is needed for nurses applying for this job. Perianesthesia Nurses have the responsibility of caring for patients who have exited the operating room and are coming out of their anesthetic states. An RN license is required for this position and two certifications can be granted in the field.

The final two positions I will discuss are the Nurse Practitioner and the Certified Nurse Midwife. Nurse Practitioners can work in clinics, hospitals and specific types of practice groups. To become a Nurse Practitioner applicants must have an RN’s license, Master’s and credentialing. For Nurse Midwifes, RN licenses are also needed along with experience in obstetrics and finally certification. Their duties include working alongside obstetricians seeing patients or sometimes even seeing the patients themselves. Likewise, they also either help to deliver babies or deliver babies themselves.

If you are interested in a nursing type career without attending a 4-year program, consider becoming a CNA or nursing aide. Nursing aide certification is a fairly quick process that can be completed online.