Certification Process for Becoming a Nurse

To become a nurse you must hold a degree in pre-nursing registration. This enables you to be registered with the NIC and you’re own your way to become certified as a nurse with a few more steps. You must complete a Bachelor’s Degree, an Associate’s Degree or a diploma with a hospital.

Nursing Programs for Becoming a Nurse

A certified nursing program with provide an education in chemistry, nutrition, behavioral sciences, nursing, microbiology and anatomy. You will receive classroom instruction and receive block experience at a hospital or clinic. They rotate around the hospital or clinic training for pediatrics, maternity, surgery and other departments. Furthering your degree will allow you to work as a registered or practical nurse alongside a doctor. Be prepared for additional certification if you want to work alongside a doctor. Practical and registered nurses are paid more for their services because of their certification. Becoming a LPN or LVN requires the least certification.

You have to take a state exam to be certified as a nurse. Applicants must pay a fee and the test can be taken online. The computer will continue to generate questions until it is sure the test taker is qualified. Test takers must know proper doses and diverse side effects, how to deal with diverse patients and make them comfortable, as well as, identify the proper use of medications.

Certifications says that a nurse can care for the elderly, children, or the mentally ill. Often times, nurses are certified in a specific specialty group of nursing. For example, gynecology, surgery, or pediatrics.

Once you become certified you should take a look at salary and available jobs. The amount of money you earn depends on the hours that you work and your certification. A registered nurse was reportedly earning $67,000 a year, in 2013. Since then, a nurses salary has increased by 10%.

If you enjoy working with the elderly, don’t try to work with children. Nursing requires a degree of patience, long hours on your feet, and compassion. If you are not good with solving problems or become nauseated from the site of blood, you should not be in the nursing field.

Becoming a certified nurse is a great job because it offers longevity and stability. The healthcare industry has been a flourishing job market for the past decade. Becoming a certified nurse is easy and offers rewarding benefits.

Take the opportunity to become a nurse today!

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